Date of Birth:
November 27
Close range combat expert and manipulation of energy.

Roll in the SeriesEdit

Appearing in first Episode in Season One, Akuma shows up to tell The Wise Mankey of Kirb's and Gamecrazed's whereabouts. Akuma is also one of the participants of the Z-Tournament. He made it up to the preliminary rounds and faces off against Alpha, he was defeated by Alpha's viral forcefield attack. In Season Three, Akuma's Shadow User is revealed in the :sanctuary region, fighting Gamecrazed and Kinetix.


Akuma is a full-fledged battle fanatic. He strives to become one of the stronger users of TOME, and proves it in battle. He is also easily excited and frantic, shown when he tells Wise Mankey about Kirbopher's and GC's situation.


Akuma has an affinity with energy attacks, allowing him to use flight, manipulation of energy into blasts and other techniques. Along with his weapon, a sword which he named the "Caster Blade", he can use more deadly attacks to cut down the opposition.


Dash Attack: A standard dashing attack towards the foe.

Energy Burst: Akuma glows white as he begins to charge up, then begins to meld a sphere of energy between both hands, and fires the sphere in the form of a beam.

Caster Blade: Summons a tan-colored blade to his hands. This allows Akuma to have a larger movepool and unleash more devastating attacks towards the foe. With the sword out alone, he can preform a short ranged dash stab, and melee slash attacks.

Spin Slash: The sword disappears from Akuma's hands and re-appears on the foe's grid side, spinning a wide radius to hit up to four panels at once.

Shadow Stab: The sword disappears from Akuma's hands and re-appears on the foe's grid side, attempting to stab the foe from random directions up to the limit of three times.

Creation InformationEdit

AkumaTH's sprites are a slight edit and recolor of Super Sonic's sprites.

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