Blitz128 likes to say he is the king of destruction and the best. He has for basic a big mouth.


Role in the seriesEdit

Blitz128 is one of the Netkings. He challenged Gamecrazed to a 8-bit game and lost it. When he battled Gamecrazed he lost also and Alpha and his gang could go on to Kindaspirit.


His attacks are based on that from a videogame. Most of them is original from Super Mario.

- He has the sun flower, a flower coming out of a box which let him uses fire attacks

- He has the red mushroom, with it he can jump in the sky and land on his opponent but 3-4 times bigger.

- he has the green mushroom, with it he can gain a HP

- he also has the P button, it he presses it blocks will come out off the sky and fall on his opponent

- For his protection he has the super star, with it he is uneffected by all attacks his opponent has.

Creation informationEdit

Blitz128's character model, seems to be similar to [[1]], from the Super Mario franchise.

-Blitz's attacks also seem to be based of the Super Mario franchise. For example, his Sun Flower, is obviously a reference to one of the power ups in the Mario games, the [Flower] (AKA, Flower Power).

-The Red Mushroom is, again, a reference to the Mario Games, [Mushroom].

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