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D-Bug Organization IEdit

The D-Bug organization is an organization of hackers that was formed by Zetto and EXE in order to obtain the "Forbidden Power" after the appearance of the D-Bug Virus in the Purple Cave Region. The below list is how the D-Bug members rank.

  1. ??? (you only hear a voice at the end of Season 1)
  2. Simdragon
  3. Neomutant
  4. DemonKing
  5. Ravenfreak
  6. BlingBling
  7. Splat
  8. Raccoon
  9. Sk8rboi

The D-Bug Organization consists of a group of hackers who rampage at will in Tome during their search for the Forbidden Power.

You first hear of this group in Episode 001 from Kirbopher15 after he attacks Alpha, who manages to dodge the various slashes with surprising ease for a newbie. From here you quickly learn that all members of the D-Bug org have hacked stats and are looking for something when Raccoon and Blinbbling attack again. This time the two hackers get served by Alpha who leaves them in the forum with reduced stats by using the very power they're looking for. As the Season

D-Bug Organization IIEdit

Following on the destruction of Kagemamouru, the second incarnation of the D-bug hackers are collecting the flesh of Kagemamaru known as Virus Fragments that was scattered during the epic battle between the beast and Alpha with new faces in their ranks all with the same goal as before.

1. Voltarious

2. Simdragon

3. Raccoon

4. Torben

5. Tormentros

6. Splat

7. SojojoEdit


The D-bug organization in TOME is very similar to the D-Bug org in TTA, however, one major detail has changed- instead of being led by Voltarius , it is now led by Tigerlilly .

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