Darkeyesofanubis by Kirbopher15


DarkeyesofAnubis was the planned ultimate antagonist in the original TvTomeAdventures, being responsible for Kagemamoru , the D-Bug Dragon , and the Hackers. Although he never apearred in person, his influence had been felt since episode 1 and would have appeared had Season 4 come to full fruition.


DarkeyesofAnubis was the proagrammer of Kagemamoru, hired by the Netkings to create a virus meant to protect "Ground Zero" from outside threats. He possessed the title of seventh netking before Kagemamoru got out of control and was later fired from the project. Enraged by this, he added the D-Bug Dragon before the game was released as a tool for dismanteling the game, now called TOME, but was unable to finish it and it became an out-of-control beast. DarkeyesofAnbis then realized that he not only hated TOME, but all technology, and sought out to destroy it because of what it had turned humanity into. When Zetto became obsessed with controlling Kagemamoru and mistook it for the "Forbidden Power", and EXE ciontrolled the D-bug, this worked in DarkeyesofAnubis's favor, as and his hackers were accomplishing the destruction Darkeyes had originally set out to cause. He later kidnapped seven people and forced them to play TOME, founding the "guild of Anubis", and built the X-Virus, which could destroy TOME and possibly all of cyberspace. He created a pyramid-like base on an island region called ;Newgrounds and planned to unleash the X-Virus through his Guild, however, he was ultimately defeated by Alpha, silencing him for good and putting all of his threats to rest.


DarkeyesofAnubis has yet to appear in TOME.


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