Series Name
Season 1, Episode 005
Air date August 29, 2004
Written by Kirbopher
Episode Guide
Episode 004
Episode 006

New Characters Introduced: Sniperwave


On the last episode of TTA, an new agent from D-Bug Org appeared named DemonKing. His job was to collect information about our hero Alpha. But his plan was quickly thwarted when Nailock the Steel Dragon appeared and defeated the agent in battle. With a new look on the virtual world DemonKing has gone under hiding from his D-Bug employers, and now a new adventure will arise for Alpha and his friends...


This episode begins with a silhouette of a new player entering the world of TOME. Our heroes are debating which villains from Dragon Ball Z are better than others. They overhear some things from nearby and decide to check it out. Flamey doesn't join them.

The screen cuts to the new character, Sniperwave, having just defeated his 12th opponent in a row. Kirbopher15 hops on the bandwagon and decides to fight him too. The two fight for a decent time, each getting in quite a few good hits. The focus cuts to outside the grid, where SaturnDiva has just appeared. She stands next to Gamecrazed and Alpha, having other things to do, decides to leave and let the fight pan out.

The scene pans to Mech Valley, where Nailock is encountered by DemonKing. DemonKing tells Nailock that there is another hacker on the loose, who will do anything to stop Alpha. Nailock assumes that Flamegirl may be in trouble, so he rushes to her.

Returning to Kirbopher and Sniperwave, the battle continues for a short time longer before Kirbopher hails as the victor. Sniperwave praises Kirbopher for the victory, and Kirb and Gamecrazed take off looking for Alpha. Sniperwave decides to join them on their quest.

Cutting to Alpha and Flamegirl, Alpha shows Flamegirl a secret door that leads from one side of TOME to the other. Flamegirl and Alpha walk through the door and it closes. As it closes, DemonKing and Nailock arrive in dismay, followed closely by...Alpha? The Alpha that Flamegirl walked through the door with was a clone of Alpha. Nailock notifies the real Alpha that Flamegirl has been kidnapped. Alpha is outraged, and the episode ends.

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