Gamecrasher iii by kirbopher15-dqrhwn.png

Real Name:
Standard Techniques:
1.Dark Bomb

2.Touch Screen 3.A Button 4.B Button 5.Dark Triangle

6.Dark Whip
Super Techniques:
1.Code #1

2.Code #2 3.Code #3

4.Touch Screen Pinball
GAme crasher

GameCrasher (season 2)



Crash modeled his character after his older brother so their abilities are very similar.

A notable difference between the two is that several of Crash's abilities are based around video game controls rather than just darkness, resulting in some rather creative uses of video game themed attacks mostly themed around the Nintendo systems. While Crash is not as skilled as the other people who eventually gained the title of Rank of Sanctuary, being the lowest rank, he is rather skilled in comparison to most players.

Role in the seriesEdit


  • Touch Screen- creates a flat rectangular shield, based off the lower DS screen
  • Stylus- morphs one of his arms into a long rod used to hit people, based off of the DS stylus
  • Double Shot- casts two spinning discs of shadow energy at an enemy that look similar to GC's Darkbomb
  • Gyro- turns one arm into a lashing wii Nunchuk, based off of the Wii's Nunchuck
  • Inputting Code- a creative attack that involves a giant analog pad and A and B buttons to appear on the enemy's field, to which Crash will input codes to create a few different things, whether a falling block, a large fireball being shot, or large horizontal darkbomb, they can be creative.

Creation InformationEdit

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