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Lacksine is a villain who makes her first and only appearance in the TTA movie. She works for the Flux Gang, a villanous group seeking to turn all of TOME into one giant battlegrid to represen the real world.Edit


As Sumomo, she is shown to be a timid little girl, but when she changes into lacksine, she becomes musch more sinister and flirty. In both forms she is very manipulative, changing into a little girl to get GameCrazed to help her.


Lacksine is able to change her form into that of a little girl; her "sumomo" persona.

Role in the seriesEdit

As her only appearance in the entire series is the TTA movie, little is known about her. However, she is known to be a member of the villanous Flux Gang, and fights GameCrazed throughout the movie.

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