Standard Techniques:
Grand Shifty Hand

Mini Bomb

Shifty Flick
Voice Actor:
No information
First Appearance:
No information

Roll in the SeriesEdit

Megz is one of the users who entered the Z-Tournament. She fought her way up to the preliminaries, and fought against Kirbopher15, she was defeated however. She also fought in the X-games with Prismaya against Sniperwave and Rob* in season 2, they both had defeated. In Season Three, she, along with a Shadow User look-alike make an appearance.


Megz acts childish around her time in the Tournament, being both easily excited and impatient.


Megzheartcho in Season 1


Megz can throw standard bombs towards the opponent, and can also summon a large, blue hand to deal damage for her. In Season Three, her Shadow User counterpart can summon two hands at once to crush the opponent between them, similar to Master Hand and Crazy Hand


Mini Bomb- Tosses a bomb towards the foe in a arc.

Shifty Flick- Summons a giant blue hand from underground which flicks the opponent.

Grand Shifty Hand- Megz's Super Attack. She summons a giant, floating blue hand which clenches into a fist and torpedoes towards the foe a few times. The Hand can be destroyed however, and if too close to Megz, can instantly drain her HP bar to nothing from the explosion that occurs.

Creation informationEdit

Megzheartcho is based off Tails, slightly edited to female looks and new clothing.

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