Real Name:
Nailock Kotetsu Ryu, The Steel Dragon
Voice Actor
Colin Zabielski
First Appearance
14 - 16

Role in the SeriesEdit

Nailock makes his first appearance in episode four, when he battles an unwilling and lazy hacker named DemonKing. After that battle, Demonking quits the hackers and becomes friends with Nailock. In episode five, DemonKing alerts him of a plan that D-bug Org is going to kidnap Flamegirl to try to lure Alpha in to see the “Forbidden Power” for themselves. Nailock has many battles, the most intense in the season being against the Netking Zetto at the end of the Z-Tournament. The two seemed evenly matched for a while, except for Zetto's seemingly unbeatable final attack. During the battle Nailock found the only way to dodge Zetto's final attack was to jump last second, avoiding Zetto's cascade of explosions covering the entire grid. After dodging it, Nailock used his own special attack to win the Z-tournament. After that he goes with Alpha, Kirbopher1111, Gamecrazed, and Flamegirl to face the Netkings. He plays his part by facing Rubyrulz, who has the ability to copy another character completely based on his opponents' character log. This enables him to change into all of Nailock's friends, throwing him off guard. During the battle, Nailock notices how Ruby uses his character log to change form and discovers that if he deleted the log then Ruby would be defenseless. He clears his memory and wipes the floor with Rubyrulz.


Nailock is one of the main characters in TTA. He has a more mature attitude towards the game than the others. He tends to speak in Japanese a lot to fit his character. Nailock can think quickly on his feet on how to win against his opponents.

Abilities Edit

Attacks Edit

Ice Shard-

Dragon Fang-

Frost Blade-

Creation Information Edit

Nylocke (TOME)Edit


In TOME, Nailock's name was changed to Nylocke. His character was changed to have more of a dragon look to it. Nylocke also acts as a role-player in TOME and uses the phrase "Nylocke! Master of ___ !" or "Nylocke! Dragon of ____!". Nylocke's the most talkative character out of Alpha's group, and when Nylocke moves quickly across the Terrain, he says "Whoosh!". Nylocke is a close friend of both Flamegirl and Gamecrazed. In addition, Nylocke appears to have issues regarding the security of his online persona in TOME, where in Episode 6: Dragon Drama, when his battle versus Kizuna (TigerLily) pushes him past his boundaries he unleashes his super attack following a speech expressing his annoyance at the monster.

Nylocke S1

Nylocke from TOME (Season 1)

Role in the seriesEdit

Nylocke is used as the comic relief character. Nylocke was introduced in Episode 1: You've Gotta Virus, briefing a few other players on the imposing hackers Rockoon and Doubling.

Extra Information Edit

Nylocke is voiced by Martin "LittleKuriboh" Billany, who is also known for his voice acting work on "Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged."

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