Real Name:
Cross Cut

Paper Cutter

Rocket Punch

Rocket Thrust

Star Pattern

Sticky Hand

Triple Cut
Super Attacks:
Crimson Star

PaperAceChase is one of the admins of TOME, as well as a member of the legendary Ranks of Sanctuary.


PAC acts pretty lighthearted, taking joy in his job; much to the ire of fellow moderator Anidoug, and often chats with other users; especially Kirbopher15 and Nailock.

Role in the SeriesEdit

PAC is an administrator of the Forest Region, where the Edo Labryitnth is in. He is also introduced in Season 3 as one of the members of the Ranks Of Sanctuary.


Since he is an administrator, he possesses powerful abilities and techniques beyond the normal TOME player.

Creation InformationEdit

This character is based off of punk.EXE from the Megaman Battle Network series.

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