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Role in the SeriesEdit

A member of the D-bug Organization. He kidnaps Flamegirl in the first season to lure Alpha and defeat him, but was quickly beaten and outclassed by Alpha. Afterwords in Season 2, the D-Bug Org abandons RavenFreak, claiming him worthless. In a act of anger, he takes a Virus Fragment buried in rubble and uses its powers to grant him more efficient cloaking abilities. After bumping into Kirbopher and Nailock, he eventually confronts Flamegirl and challenges her, cloaking himself into her and mimicking her abilities, but still is shorthanded from victory. Enraged, Ravenfreak shrouds himself in the Virus Fragment, becoming a large demonic raven, but yet again is defeated by Flamegirl.


Ravenfreak has a nasty temper and will blurt things before thinking. He also takes a lot of pride in his abilities, thus leding him to underestimate his opponents. As camouflaged, he can almost perfectly imitate anyone's personality, which easily allows him to catch several people off guard.


A favorite ability of his is to cloak into different users by just looking at them, throwing off a person's concentration in the middle of a battle. He also knows a few projectile attacks and combo attacks, including his Raven Ring, which paralyzes his foes on contact. With the help of his Virus Frag in Season 2, his cloaking powers upgrade by letting him also mimic the abilities of the user being cloaked as well, allowing him to fight even matches.

Attacks Edit


Feather Bullet-


Camouflage Layer-

Creation Information Edit

Ravenfreak was created after an annoying troll on TvTome, who Chris Niosi was convinced was a female, turned out to be male.

Ravenfreak (TOME) Edit

Tome ravenfreak by kirbopher15-d4v7wmy

Ravenfreak from TOME

Personality Edit

In TOME, Ravenfreak kept most of what he had from TOME. The freak in his name stands out more this time around, as he is a lot more sexualized, making encounters harder to survive. He is also a bit of a masochist. Ravenfreak only appears in one episode, so there isn't much to his character,.

Role in the series Edit

Ravenfreak poses as a small antagonist who helps build up relationships between certain characters. In the story, he places the anitvirus on Flamegirl's character model.

Extra Information Edit

Ravenfreak is voiced by Lucien Dodge, who also did work on Naruto Shippûden and Sailor Moon.

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