Real Name:
Copy Ability (Whatever Attacks that whoever he copies has)
Special Attacks:
(Whatever specials whoever he copies has)

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He is a very nice guy, he can easily befriend someone.


As one of the Netkings he has a special power. His power is that he can transform in anyone he has ever seen or the character he battled with. He can also transform in Tome users when he is not battling.

Role in the seriesEdit

Ruby is one of the six Netkings, and is in charge of the game's graphic design. In season 1, he is the fifth Netking to be faced by the main cast and was defeated by Nailock.


Insightful Mirror- Ruby summons a red mirror in front of his character and uses it to look into his opponent's character log, using the data to transform into a character of his choosing, also using the chosen character's attacks, even some that aren't even known by them yet.

Creation informationEdit

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