Real Name:
Lapis Lazuli, The Crystal Cat
Voice Actor
Santana Questa
First Appearance



Character Edit

Her creation backstory is unknown, but Christopher Niosi's DeviantArt page shows that she would have been in the first season.

Personality Edit

Ruri is a kind, merciful user who will risk her life to protect others. She's also gained a reputation as a powerful user of TOME. She also loves Zetto with all of her heart, pointing out his many flaws, but saying that she can't stop loving him.

Abilities Edit

Ruri has control over crystals, as well as the ability to turn into a cat.

Role in the series Edit

Ruri first appeared in episode 61 in her trademark cat form, and later appeared in episode 62 to save Flamegirl , Kirbopher15 and Gamecrazed from their Shadow User duplicates.

Attacks Edit

She has crystal based attacks, as well as skilled sharp shooting.

TOME: Terrain Of Magical Expertise Edit

Tome's version of Ruri is named Kizuna, and it is strongly implied that she is an old friend of Zetto's. She makes her first appearance as herself in Episode 8 as Zetto's tournament partner and wins alongside him in the final round of the tournament, beating Nylocke and Gamecrazed. It is revealed in Episode 10 that she is really Tigerlilly, a metallic cat monster that had attacked Alpha and his friends several times before and, alongside Zetto, is one of the joined leaders of the hackers.

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