Date of Birth:
Fire manipulation.

Role in the SeriesEdit

Debuted in the Z-Tournament saga, Sk8rboi was recruited by Simdragon to kidnap Flamegirl, to stall time and eventually win his match against her by default. The plan failed however, as Flamegirl was saved by Kirbopher15, Gamecrazed and Nailock. The match between Sk8rboi and Flamegirl went as planned, and he was easily defeated.

It wasn't until Season Three that Sk8rboi made his return, this time a member of the Purple Flame. He, along with the other members of the group, was sent to collect Shadow Users to feed to Shadow Alpha. In the end, he and the rest of the members dis-banded and the Purple Flame was no more.


Sk8rboi was always shown as cowardly, easily trying to back out of a fight that he knows won't end well, and will at times conspire and cheat to get his way, and because of this will always try to pick off weak users. He has also been shown to be very social, which his comrades deem annoying. Sk8r uses various street slang in his language, which only appears to annoy users even more.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Sk8rboi wields the power over fire manipulation, and can unleash blasts of flames at a whim to his opponents. He commonly uses spheres of flames to hurl at the foe from afar, and can also summon fire geysers and cloak himself in flames for a dash attack. His main weapon and transportation of choice is a Skateboard, which he also uses to fling some of his flame sphere attacks at a higher velocity.


In TOME, Sk8rboi's name is Skeight and first appears in the short Rockoon's Modern Strife. He becomes Rockoon's Gemini Tournament partner and is later revealed to be an alternate account of Doubling created to reconcile with Rockoon and assist him without revealing his identity. 

Tome skeight by kirbopher15-d6gmbye

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