The official TTA forum made by Tails Clock. It's admins are DannyDK6, AngryRobot, and Brocky(Now Moderator). The TTA section on The Fallout Shelter forum was gone and so this forum was made. For over a year the forum lay dormant, but has since burst into life after The TOME Knights episodes were released. So far out of the original TTA cast, Kirbopher15 and Flamegirl have joined the forum.

Unfortunately, the forum took a turn for the worse, TailsClock allowed a user named Denegoth to slip in and cause mischief with Danny and AngryRobot's accounts, then allowed his friend, Matt, to take the hit for taking over the forums. Denegoth then came back and pretended to be a hero. This act therefore caused the entire forum to shutdown Permanently.

DannyDK6 and AngryRobot have now made a new forum and can be accessed at