A new organization of hackers that was leaded by the admin, Anidoug, named after the mysterious purple flames the Dbug leaves behind. The Purple Flame first appeared in season 3 and the primary members were Anidoug, Kalasu Angel (Tormentros) and Torben from the D-bug org, Sk8rboi (who appeared in season 1) and Dustbunny.

Anidoug stole some D-bug energy from the super computer in EXE's room and with this he convinced Shadow-Alpha to join him. The organization members, except for Anidoug, went to hunt shadow-users for Shadow-Alpha, with the D-bug energy he can swallow shadow-users into his body.

Gamecrazed was kidnapped by Dustbunny in the middle of his battle against Kinetix, he found himself in some kind of space that was used by Ravenfreak once. There he saw the shadow-users who were defeated by the Purple Flame members, then they took him to their underground lair in Purplecave. Gamecrazed also found out that the Purpleflames caught agent Giga too. After Nailock defeated Paperacechase, Shadow-Alpha hunted all the "Ranks of Sanctuary" shadows and also Zetto's. After he had his "meal", Shadow-Alpha changed his form and turned to Phaxal. He has returned to the lair, gave some D-bug energy to GC and he also transformed to a humanoid shape.

Together they went to Motherboard404's maze, they fought Webmaster and EXE's shadows and Phaxal sent GC to challenge Alpha. at the end, Torben was beat up by Giga, GC joined him, Phaxal disappeared and the rest escaped after fighting Ohma.

Back in Purplecave, The last 4 members (Anidoug, Kalasu, Sk8rboi and Dustbunny) encountered 4 Ranks of Sanctuary (Paperacechase, MysteryX, Dikayes and Darkblazer), the 2 groups started a fight and Sanctuary won. Kalasu and Dustbunny logged out, Sk8rboi ran off and Anidoug was arrested. Gamecrazed has united with his friends once again and Phaxal is still out there somewhere in the dark.

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