Role in the Series Edit

TTA White Queen Avi

White Queen's talking sprite in Season 1.

White Queen was first introduced in Season One, showing to be a good friend of Kirb and the restof the cast. She isn't shown very much but had her moment to shine in the Z-Tournament, but unfortunately was defeated by Sniperwave in the preliminary rounds.

White Queen

White Queen by Kirbopher15

Real Name:
Voice Actor
Kati Mcfarland
First Appearance
15 - 17

In Season Two, White Queen appears in a few episodes, mostly observing hacker goings on around the forum, and fending off a few herself. She also enters the X-Games, making it through both the Race Round and the RPG double battle portion with Kirbopher, however she is once again defeated in the preliminaries, this time against Kirb.

White Queen revises this role again in Season Three, taking down a few Shadow Users herself and aiding the other users in defending TOME from the viral onslaught.

Personality Edit

White Queen is an insightful, competitive, good-willed young girl. She has a sort of air around her to easily make friends with new and old users alike.

108px-TTA White Queen's Start Card

White Queen's Bio.

Abilities Edit

White Queen can manipulate Ice to her liking in different ways of attack. She can solidify ice around her arm to create a blade, fire chunks of Ice from her palm, create shock-waves of pure cold, create a snowflake-shaped disk to throw like a boomerang, and can freeze an opponent solid to cause more damage.

Attacks Edit

Diamond Blade-


Ice Shard-


Creation Information Edit

Her sprite is based on Bass.exe from the Megaman Battle Network games.

Whyti (TOME)Edit

Personality Edit

Whyti S1

Whyti from TOME (Season 1)

In TOME, White Queen gets her name changed to Whyti, but she stays the same otherwise. Whyti is still very nice and pleasant to be around and still tries to help the main cast defend TOME from hackers.

Role in the series Edit

Whyti is a supporting character, meant to help develop main characters like Nylocke and Kirbopher. In the show, she helps the main characters by assisting them with the hacker problem infecting TOME.

Extra Information Edit

Whyti is voiced by Apphia Yu, who is also known for her work on One Piece and Assassination Classroom.

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